lucigenin (bis-N-Methylacridinium Nitrate) - High Purity

  • lucigenin (bis-N-Methylacridinium Nitrate) - High Purity

    CatalogueID : L6868

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Method Fluorescent
Regulatory Status For Research Use Only. Not for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.
System Flow Cytometer, Microplate Reader, Fluorescence Microscope
Applications Anion Detection:Cell Analysis:Cell Metabolism:Ionic Homeostasis & Signaling:Nitro-Oxidative Stress:Reactive Oxygen Species:Cell Viability, Proliferation & Function
Keywords Chloride, _KWCPNT, MT2428, MT38433, MT38842, KWCPNT_
Unit 10 mg
Description Our highly purified lucigenin is a fluorescent Cl- indicator that has excitation/emission maxima of 368/505 nm and whose fluorescence is quenched in the presence of Cl-. The dye is useful for determining Cl- concentrations in liposomes, reconstituted membranes or in extracellular medium but is not useful for intracellular measurements.