Alexa Fluor 594 Goat Anti-Mouse SFX Kit

  • Alexa Fluor 594 Goat Anti-Mouse SFX Kit

    CatalogueID : A31623

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Reactivity Mouse
Regulatory Status For Research Use Only. Not for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.
Target Tag/Conjugate Alexa Fluor® 594
Host Goat
Applications Antibodies and Secondary Detection:Cell Analysis
Keywords IgG, MT40922, MT38614, MT38505, MT38441, MT37903, Conjugate, _KWCPNT, 100009287, MT3081, MT37913, MT38840, MT41559, KWCPNT_
Unit 1 kit
Description Alexa Fluor; SFX Kits contain Image-iT; FX signal enhancer (I36933) plus one of sixteen different Alexa Fluor; dye-labeled secondary antibodies. These kits provide 400 µg (0.2 mL of 2 mg/mL) of either goat anti-mouse IgG or goat anti-rabbit IgG antibody (as a standard or highly cross-adsorbed preparation) conjugated to Alexa Fluor; 488, Alexa Fluor; 555, Alexa Fluor; 594, or Alexa Fluor; 647 dye, four of our most commonly used Alexa Fluor; dyes. The Alexa Fluor; 594 goat anti-mouse IgG included with this kit is also available in a 1000 µg unit size (A11005).