Aliphatic Amine Latex, 2% w/v 0.3 um

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Regulatory Status For Research Use Only. Not for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.
Applications Enzyme & Protein Activity Assays:General Protein & Enzyme Activity Reagents:Proteins, Expression, Isolation & Analysis
Keywords beads, positively-charged, groups, covalently, couple, _KWCPNT, 100002699, 100002700, MT37392, MT38320, KWCPNT_
Unit 15 ml
Description Microspheres (also called latex beads or latex particles) are spherical particles in the colloidal size range that are formed from an amorphous polymer such as polystyrene. Because of the way that the polystyrene chains arrange themselves in the bead, the surface is very hydrophobic in character, making these ideal materials for the adsorption of materials such as proteins. This aliphatic amine latex has a high density of amine groups attached to the terminus of an aliphatic six-carbon spacer arm. This product can be used to covalently couple proteins. Location of the amine at the end of the spacer arm minimizes difficulties with steric hindrance and conformation since the group has a greater freedom to rotate. In addition, spacer arms improve the kinetics of latex agglutination reactions. The particles are stabilized by the positively-charged amine groups under low to neutral pH conditions. Care should be taken not to use them under high pH.Microspheres Are Available in