Promoter reporter clone for FFAR3

  • Promoter reporter clone for FFAR3

    CatalogueID : HPRM11122

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Type Molecular Biology > Transcription regulation > Promoter clones
Tag Gaussia luciferase and Alkaline phosphatase, eGFP
Target FFAR3
Species Homo sapiens
Original Item Name Promoter reporter clone for FFAR3
Host Homo sapiens
Applications Using a secreted and robust Gaussia Luciferase (GLuc) as the reporter, GeneCopoeia GLuc-ON™ promoter clones are designed to detect the real-time activities of over 20,000 human promoters using live cell assays.
Reporter Gaussia Luciferase (Gluc)
Accession Number NM_005304
Unit 10 Ķg purified plasmid
Description Vector options: Single reporter vector with eGFP or Gaussia luciferase; Dual secreted reporter vector with Gaussia luciferase and Alkaline PhosphataseCustom promoter cloning services available