Met (c-Met) Antibody

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Target MET
Species Cross Reactivity Mus musculus, Homo sapiens
Host Species Mus musculus
Target Tag/Conjugate Unconjugated
Applications EIA, WB, IP
Clone 6AT1877
Target Species Homo sapiens
Target/Molecule Synonym AUTS9, c-Met, EC 2.7.10, EC, hepatocyte growth factor receptor, HGFR, HGF receptor, HGF/SF receptor, Met (c-Met), met proto-oncogene (hepatocyte growth factor receptor), met proto-oncogene tyrosine kinase, oncogene MET, Proto-oncogene c-Met, RCCP2, Scatter factor receptor, SF receptor, Tyrosine-protein kinase Met
Unit 0.1 mg
Format IgG purified
Concentration 0.25 mg/ml
NCBI Gene Aliases AUTS9, HGFR, RCCP2, c-Met
Cite This Product Novus Biologicals cat# NB100-25953 RRID:AB_1725993
Company Novus Biologicals
Type Antibody
Immunogen This monoclonal antibody is generated from mice immunized with a KLH conjugated synthetic peptide corresponding to sequences in Tyr1234/1235 region of human Met and residues both Tyr1234 and Tyr1235 are phosphorylated
Isotype IgG1
Clonality Monoclonal