Rhodopsin Antibody

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Target rho
Species Cross Reactivity Homo sapiens
Host Species Oryctolagus cuniculus
Target Tag/Conjugate Unconjugated
Applications IHC
Target Species Homo sapiens
Target/Molecule Synonym CSNBAD1, MGC138309, OPN2MGC138311, opsin 2, rod pigment, opsin-2, Opsin-2, retinitis pigmentosa 4, autosomal dominant, rhodopsin, RP4
Unit 0.05 ml
Format Affinity purified
Concentration 1.0 mg/ml
NCBI Gene Aliases CSNBAD1, MGC138309, MGC138311, OPN2, RP4
Cite This Product Novus Biologicals cat# NLS1052 RRID:AB_2178795
Company Novus Biologicals
Type Antibody
Immunogen Synthetic peptide [KLH conjugated] made to the 2nd extracellular loop