How scrazzl can benefit your business


  • Drive potential customers to your products
  • Only pay for the traffic you receive
  • Enhance your content with links to highly relevant articles
  • Improve sales conversion

Scrazzl Syndication Network

Drive more potential customers to your products! The Scrazzl Syndication Network is a network of journal, workflow and discovery websites, such as the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE), Quartzy and the Antibody Registry who are all using the Scrazzl API to maintain a semantically enriched experience on their websites. Using the Scrazzl API, partners can easily maintain links to products referenced in the content on their websites to the corresponding product webpages of our vendor community. By activating your product-specific links in the Scrazzl Syndication Network, you’ll start receiving traffic from researchers who want to learn more about your products. The Scrazzl Syndication Network is a pay-per-click model meaning that you only pay for the traffic that we deliver. To learn more, ask your local CompareNetworks representative or contact us here

Scrazzl Citation Feed

Literature citations and product usage rank highly as key criteria researchers use when deciding which products are right for their experiments. The Scrazzl Citation Feed allows you to enhance product pages on your website with a widget that compiles links to articles that reference your specific products. Incorporate the Scrazzl Citation Feed into your website to showcase those products that have been cited and provide potential customers with credible, third-party validation of your products in use! Contact Us to learn more about how you can get the feed installed on your website.