scrazzl Analytics™

Custom analytics for suppliers of life science and healthcare markets

  • Examine global product usage trends
  • Track progress of competitors
  • Find researchers that use tools and technologies of interest
  • Gauge effectiveness of marketing campaigns

Introduction to reports

There are three reports available to scrazzl Analytics™ users these include the companies report, the phrases report and the products report.

The companies report can be used to follow life science and healthcare companies of interest. For example users can follow Merck, Bio-Rad, Pfizer, Abcam or choose from over one thousand other companies in the life science and healthcare research sectors.

The phrases report can be used to examine trends in user defined terms. For example choose disease terms, product lines (e.g. Dynabeads®), genes, proteins, pharmaceutical entities, cell lines or any other unique entity that interests you.

With the products report specific products can be examined and tracked. Manufacturers can compare market share of their products with equivalent competitor products. Products can be added to the products report individually or a complete analysis of your product catalogue can be arranged by contacting us

Article Activity

Article activity charts allow you to examine article level metrics for companies, phrases or products of interest. Conduct custom market research on terms of interest by selecting the date range of interest, the database source that you want to examine and up to five terms at a time.

Configured charts allow you to visualise trends that relate to your selected companies, phrases or products. Statistics and charts generated in this way can easily be exported for internal use within your company. The moving averages for terms over the selected date range are also detailed. For example you can quickly examine your brand presence in research content for the past week or view how many articles mention a specific disease over a five year period.

Perhaps you are interested in discovering how many articles have mentioned your competitors product in the past 12 months and whether these mentions are increasing or decreasing.

Journal Activity

Journal activity charts can be used to examine specific companies, phrases or products that interest you at the journal level. This type of analysis is particularly useful for helping you choose which journals are best for reaching your target customers. Life science and healthcare marketers can use journal activity charts to prioritise marketing budgets or identify journals that frequently mention competitors brands or products.

Journal activity charts for phrases can be used to track the editorial focus of certain journals over time. For example, if your company supplies products that are used for treating or researching certain types of cancer, with journals activity for phrases, you can discover the titles that are most valuable to your customers.


Geo-targeting allows you to explore where research is happening. You can quickly identify the articles and locations that are mentioning your selected terms. Select your closest competitor in geo-targeting for companies to discover which markets you are performing well in and to see how competitors perform in other markets. Use this function to optimise sales and marketing activities for your team. For example, identify locations where specific products are being used or find researchers that are working on topics for which you supply specific products.

Geo-targeting for phrases is also useful for visualising more general trends in science such as examining the geographical research output related to certain diseases. Perhaps you want to find researchers that work on kidney disease in the state of New York. With geo-targeting for phrases you can define “kidney disease” as your keyword and view all the research locations in the state of New York that have reported findings in kidney disease over a defined date range.

Market Share

The market share chart available for the companies report makes it possible to visualise the occurrence of selected company names in research articles as a percentage of all other companies that supply the life science and healthcare market. This chart makes it easy to measure the footprint of selected companies in the research marketplace. Choose to analyse your own company or select from over a thousand other company records in our system.

Database sources

scrazzl Analytics™ uses a number of data sources for reports. These include all major life science and healthcare journals from Reed-Elsevier and all abstracts available in Pubmed/MEDLINE. Selection of data sources is user defined within each account. Please contact us to learn more about the data that is available to use with our software.