Unlock the value of your content


  • Provide accurate in-article text highlighting of materials
  • Drive usage of highly relevant technical articles
  • Increase journal advertising sales
  • Increase revenues by becoming a data provider

Publishers Working with Us

Data providers currently working with scrazzl include Reed-Elsevier. If you are interested in becoming a data provider for scrazzl services we would love to hear from you.

Linking Articles and Driving Usage

scrazzl links relevant articles to product listings so that scientists can make better choices about the products that they use for research. Links to highly relevant technical articles are provided on scrazzl.com and fed to product manufacturers websites through the scrazzl Citation Feed™. These links can help publishers drive usage of important technical articles.

Uncover Trends

scrazzl Analytics™ provides a range of data services to product suppliers in life science and healthcare markets. Trend data relating to companies, products and specific phrases are all useful for publishers seeking to up-sell and grow advertising revenues.

Highlight Materials

scrazzl works with a number of major publishers to power in-article text highlighting. The technology works by specifically highlighting terms of technical importance in research articles.